Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Back Field ... A Secret Place..

Hope you like the slide show below. I took these photo's today, down in the back field. People who visit, don't realise that beyond the grass, is a secret place waiting to be discovered. I love going down there, having a walk around our very own woods. Its nice to just sit down there, hidden away listening to the birds singing. Eventually, we are going to have the overgrown stuff cleared, another job on the list. I'd like to put a seat or seats down there as well. I keep saying that if we had a Pig, that would root around down there and turn the earth and eat the brambles. But the only problem with that is, could I eventually bring myself to send the pig to slaughter and then eat it.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Hey Dr bloody Do little - what sort of woman are you not to get a pig??? Get the pig and keep it as a pet for gawds sake - will just join the rest of the gang on the East London farm in Wales LOL!!

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