Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Welsh Game Fair

Well we went to the Welsh Game Fair on Saturday and had a really lovely day. Took a picnic with us. The weather was perfect. We had a good look round the Stalls and watched quite a few of the shows in the main Arena. Brought a bush cutter from the Stolen Tool Stall. Yes, that is their trading name. The bush cutter is like a strimmer, but with a metal blade to cut through thick undergrowth. Just what I need for the back field.
Mick & the Boys brought me a lovely Jug, covered with pictures of Border Collies. I had the bargain of the day, with a waistcoat for a £1.00. Also picked up a couple of things for Birthday pressies. Got a load of Sea Food to bring home for tea. If you ever get the chance to go, to this fair, its a great day out and I'd recommend it.
Sunday, Harry & I had a laugh on the Karaoke, he's learning a song for his music class at school. Caught up with some housework and Rachel popped in for a coffee.
Monday, was Ben's last exam and his last day at school, until he goes back in September for 6th Form. He's only got to go in on the 21st August for his exam results. He's off to see Katie soon, think their both counting down the days. Popped over to see my friend Di as well, helped her get her horses back into their field, after they'd managed to get the gate of its hinges....

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