Saturday, 28 July 2012

For Queen & Country

Yesterday, the 27th July 2012, was a day to remember in our House.
Our Youngest Son Harry, age 16, took his Oath Of Allegiance.
Harry, has been accepted at the Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate, starting in September. He has worked extremely hard to get through the selection process, showing a real determination to pass all the tests. He has chosen to join The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. We are all extremely proud of him and wish him every success, in his chosen career. He had fantastic support from his ACIO Staff Sergeant Steve Ford, he really encouraged Harry, as did the whole team at the Barracks in Carmarthen and managed to put a very worried Mum's mind at rest. For that I thank them.
Harry was given his contract yesterday and his Army number, which he has already memorised..
Harry and nine others, Juniors & Senior entrants, took their Oath's at the Court House in Carmarthen. The inside of the building is beautiful, but unfortunately we didn't have time to look around. I and one of the other Mum's joked, that we both had our tissues at the ready, but thankfully we didn't need them. 
The Commanding Officer, was great and made everyone feel quite relaxed, about the whole process and Harry really enjoyed it. Both myself and Mick were so proud, to watch him.The Army had also requested a professional photographer to be there, so I'm waiting to see what those pictures are like.

Harry, went out with his friends last night, to an all night Beach Party/Camp out and strolled in the door around 9am, this morning. Seems like he had a great time.
He then sat down and watched the opening Ceremony of The London 2012 Olympics, which we recorded for him last night. What a spectacular show, they put on. So very quintessentially British.  Brilliantly done.
I totally loved James Bond & the Queen, how fantastic was that?. How wonderful, that the Queen agreed to do it. Just shows, she has got a great sense of humour. Then the lighting of the Cauldron, so beautifully done, all the Petals coming together, to create one Flame. Spectacular..
Good Luck To All The Olympians...

Yesterday, was definitely, a very proud day to be British...


Idske said...

Truly a day to remember, hope there is a photo with you, your husband and son with the professional photographer's pics. It's the sort of thing you will treasure forever!

Miniature Treasures said...

Wonderful Photographs Debbie i have no doubt your son will look back at these in years to come with fond memories! i have to agree with you about the Olympic opening ceremony too, it was a truly fantastic night.

Tabitha Corsica said...

What a wonderful moment for you and Mick... you must be busting your buttons with pride! Harry looks so grown up, even more so than some of the upper classmen. Hard to believe he is just 16 (or is it 15?)

Anyway, I'll bet it is nice to have his future set.

I really enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies. I loved how the changes in the Country were portrayed over the centuries and thought they did a spectacular job with it. It wasn't all just lights, flashes and sound...there was a real story there.

Well done, United Kingdom!

Catherine said...

Congratulations Harry!!! What a wonderful time this is going to be for you.

I am sure you are all so very proud of him Debbie! :-))

dalesdreams said...

You must be so proud of your Harry.

I have to admit, I welled up a bit reading this post.


Debs said...

A very proud moment for you,dont the years pass quickly, I often think that with my boys, at the blink of an eye you will be there with your camera for graduation. Take care

BlacknickSculpture said...

Congratulations Debbie. You and Mick must be beaming over Harry's accomplishment!

Daydreamer said...

Congratulations, Debbie! Your son is a Brave lad! And you are Brave Parents!!! I know how challenging this can be... I have a son in the Armed Services.... currently serving "Overseas".... one simply has to have Faith that all will be well! I wish Harry (and you) Many Blessed Years pursuing his dreams!

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