Thursday, 12 July 2012

Decorating... Part 2

View From Harry's Room



Painting the Ceiling & Coving

Hints Of Grey

Light & Dark

Decorating Finished
New Duvet Cover
Nearly Finished

 Since my last blog post, I've been redecorating Harry's Room. I was a bit dubious, when I put the darker Grey on the walls, but I have to say, I'm really pleased with the results. I'll be hanging his new curtains today, but am awaiting delivery of his new Headboard for the bed. I've also got to get him a new desk, as the one he had, was falling to pieces. Harry also wants one of those Vinyl Stickers on the wall, which I haven't ordered yet. But to be honest, I like the room the way it is..........Next job on the agenda, my Bedroom, but I'm having a rest for a couple of weeks, as we have visitors coming to stay from Sunday.
New Wardrobe

Awaiting New Desk

The View


rosanna said...

I love this colour too and the view ... OMG the view !
Very green with envy me, Rosanna :o))))

Gaina said...

Oh, that's turned out lovely! And what a great view he has :D.

Idske said...

I have 20 and 16 year old sons too, and their rooms have not ever been that beautiful and clean and tidy, not even before we moved in! It's fabulous! High time I follow your example and redecorate their rooms, well let's start with 1...

Great views as well!

Ana Anselmo said...

I am not a fan of grey, I must confess, but Debbie, you have done a fantastic job there!
I like it very much, is it very peaceful, now i am waiting to see everything ready with the curtains and the desk. Are you putting a rug on the floor? the floor is beautiful!

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