Saturday, 7 July 2012


Bye Bye Dragon

Everything Being Moved

All This Lot Had to Be Moved

New Colour On The Walls

Last Bit of Painting

Putting the Room Back Together

The Study End

Lovely Views

Final Layout
What a depressing Summer, we are all enduring this year. The Rain just keeps on falling and falling. I feel sorry for all the people that are getting flooded. Certain parts of Wales are on Amber Alert for more flooding this weekend. Hopefully, forewarned is forearmed.
Because of the weather, I've not been able to work outside, so decided that I start decorating indoors instead. I was going to do the decorating in the Winter!!!!. The first room to get a complete make over was Ben's Room. I've completely reconfigured, the sleeping end of his room. It looks so much better now and we've even been able to fit in another wardrobe, it seems to have opened up the room and he'll now have more space to move around in there. Ben choose the colour and I did the rest. I just need to get him a new Chest of Drawers and a Bedside Cabinet as the ones in there, are just about holding together. A trip to Ikea, is in order. I was lucky with the headboard, that was originally off my old bed and had been stored in the Barn. After a through good clean, it came up lovely and saved me having to buy one.
Harry's Room, is now under going a make over...


rosanna said...

It's great, I just love the purple colour and the views, OMG, the views!

Catherine said...

I love the color too and the light furniture.

You can send me your rain, we are having a terrible drought here. I am worried about loosing my trees.

I hope your weather clears up and you get to ejoy what is left of your summer.

Idske said...

Love the colour! I'm not sure I could be that brave. Fingers crossed about the flooding, I suppose we're getting all the rain we should have had over the last 2 years!

Helen said...

Yes, you are right about the rain! The fields near me (on Anglesey) are still flooded in places & my poor daughter is at the festival 'Wakestock' & says it is a mud bath!
Love the colour on the walls, doesn't it feel good to give a room a makeover & the smell of paint is such a positive, happy smell (for me, anyway)!
Here's hoping for some sun for all of us! :) x

Ara said...

I love the color! Good choice Ben! It looks so fresh with the light colored wood :) Have fun at Ikea... a decorators dream! hugs, ara

Kathi said...

Great color! Makes me want to paint something BIG! :D

Lori said...

It looks great! Sorry to hear about all the rain, but at least now you'll get some extra mini time this winter...:)

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