Sunday, 28 November 2010

Pastmastery's Blog Fabulous Giveaway...

Sue over at Pastmastery, is having the most fantastic give away on her blog. It is worth over £200.00.
I've been following Sue's blog from the beginning and it is full to the brim with Historic information and fabulous photographs. I for one have been fascinated with the History surrounding these Dummy Boards.
Sue, has decided that after Christmas, she is no longer going to make her exquisitely painted Dummy Boards.
Sue is the lady that painted the little Girl and Rocking Horse for Julie, for her Edwardian Toy Shop.
This is going to be every one's last chance to own one of Sue's Miniature Masterpieces.
I have entered Sue's give away, but it seems that the word hasn't got out there. It's not an easy question that Sue has posed, but the answer is there, somewhere in her blog.
So if you want a chance to win, please click on Sue's name anywhere in this post to be taken over to her blog page and the question for the give away.. Good Luck everybody....

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