Thursday, 2 December 2010

AIM Advent Calender... Why I'm Late

OK, I know I'm late! I Should have written this post yesterday, but I have a good excuse. I had a Hospital appointment and then I braved the Shops and got a few more bits and pieces for Christmas and by the time I got home I was cream crackered. Although this year has been easier, I've done 90% of my shopping on line and as my "Boys", are older now, there's not that endless going from shop to shop, trying to get that must have Toy for Father Christmas to bring. Remember "The Furby's", then it was the Toy Story Toys the first time round, oh and then the Wii. Why is it that the Elves never seem to make enough?.
"Braved the shops", I hear you cry, "In this Weather, she must be mad". Well although it's bitterly Cold here and we have penetrating Frost making everything White, with temperatures that haven't got out of the minus, it hit minus 18 in a certain part of Wales on Sunday, we haven't got any Snow, not one little flake! Harry is disgusted, as are his friends, who all thought they were going to get some time off School, to play silly buggers in the Snow..
Anyway, back to the matter in hand and why this post is late. Artisans In Miniature's Advent Calender went live yesterday. With the first Door being unlocked, to reveal the first miniature project. If you pop over each day, to the AIM Site and look behind the relevant Door, there will be yet another Miniature project to enjoy..


The French Bear said...

Oooh, I love miniatures!!! Have to go and see.....
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I see you have a lot of do you do it? lol Marsha did spoil me with beautiful gifts and I had a great time doing the swap.
It was fun to see what everyone exchanged wasn't it!!!
I remember the Furby's and the Cabbage Patch dolls...thankfully that is over for me too, although my daughter had out late last night on the hunt for certain Webkins.....oh dear it's the furor all over!!
Margaret B

BlacknickSculpture said...

Lovely pictures of your ponies Debbie! And what a view!

Like you I've done my Christmas shopping online -- to this point. Next week I'll have to brave the stores * shudders * LOL

BiWuBär said...

Hey, you don't have to apologize for being late... ;O) I hope everything went well in hospital and thank you for teaching me a new expression: "Braved the shops" - I'll keep that in mind. If you like, send Harry over to us which is near to the Baltic Sea, we've got a real snow chaos around here and I'm telling you my little secret: I don't want to shovel snow anymore!!! (LOL)


Michelle's Mad World said...

I hope the hospital appointment went okay! Good to see that you've almost done all your Crimbo shopping too! I have my parents to buy for then that's it.

I'm sure there are loads of peeps in the UK who would be more than willing to part with their snow...we've had over foot altogether and hardly anything is moving. No work for me, so I bought some mini supplies online instead! :o)) Too bad the summer house is out of bounds. :o((

Stay warm and safe!
Michelle xxxx

Heather said...

What a great idea. I'd didn't know about this. I love advent calendars! My boys are still in the "got to shop early phase" This year it is Harry Potter legos!

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Obrenski said...

Good for you. All of my shopping is almost done. But, my husband..... Oh well.....

Natasha said...

Thank you so very much for visiting my blog and for taking the time to comment! I have also enjoyed meeting new bloggers thanks to Marsha!

Best wishes always,

Lily said...

Hi Debbie

Thanks for stopping by at I am your newest follower. I love, love, love building dolls houses too. Have a post about the latest one I made on the blog, if you wanted to check it out, it's here
Glad to see another blog from the UK :)

Hope you are not snowed in & have a great Friday.


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