Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Digital Dollhouse Blog..

Do you remember back in February, I told you about the Digital Dollhouse. Well today I had an email from Ruby, letting me know that The Digital Dollhouse now has a blog of the same name.
These images are digital images taken from the blog. Aren't the graphics fantastic, they look real.
Please go over and have a look at the blog and web site...


Pubdoll said...

Wow, they look so real! Thanks for sharing!

Sans said...

I thought Rosanna stitched more cushions !! :D

Meli said...

I thought they were real!!! and that it was Rosanna who made it!!

marlies said...

These are soooo beautiful! At first I think off Rosanna too.
* marlies

rosanna said...

Thank you girls, you make me blush! I'll try to do something special to share with you.

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