Thursday, 9 April 2009

Debbie On The Dumper..

Well all I can say is these are not the most flattering photographs. Well my excuse is they were taken at 8.30am this morning and I didn't go to bed till gone Midnight! (Was chatting to Nikki on the phone, about some new ideas)!.
I don't know about spring has sprung, I had on a T-shirt and two great big fleeces and a waterproof over the top, my thick leather gloves and my boots, so I look like I've gained about 50lb. Its been raining and the wind nearly blew me off my feet today, while emptying the Wheelbarrow, whilst mucking the Ponies out..
I now look like I've been dragged through a Hedge backwards.
We are keeping the Dumper until tomorrow as there is still quite a bit of Earth left to move.

Will have some Miniatures to show you later....


Marja said...

haha ... you can not always be beautiful to see Debbie
if you work hard, you just can not otherwise
you are all-rounder!
in mini and in other work..
hugs Marja

rosanna said...

Debbie, you look gorgeous any way ad very imposing too! After all, English ladies love their gardening, don't they?

Ingrid....... said...

Woman to my heart. I was allowed to learn to drive a reachtruck on my job. I feel very touch driving it ;) Hey, we miniaturists can do anything, can't we???

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Love the photos, Debbie!!! What a gal!! :) Hugs, Marsha

kimsminiatures said...

Hi Debbie! Love you on the dumper Lol. great pics. You amaze me with how much you always get done.
Big hugs my friend. :o)

Debbie said...

I've had a good chuckle at your comments girls. Those photo's are terrible!

Katie's Clay Corner said...

LOL...You look like your leaning to the side in that first picture. I know it may all seem a little overwhelming, but just think of how great it will all be when you get it done!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Fancy staying up that late and yapping to me.
Looks like you had some fun today, but sounds like too much hard work.
Hope you get it all done before the machines have to go back.
So, so, so don't envy all this work. I run away these days from anything that invloves a spade.
Hurry up and get back to your miniatures.
Mind you, all the ponies will be here any day, so you will be like a midwife for a little while.
How many do you now think there will be?
Nikki x

Debbie said...

Katie I think I was in Mid walk back to the gate, trying to avoid all the ruts in the mud.

Nikki could be between 5 & 11, but I think probably 8 babies.. Jasmine looks fit to bust bless her.

Liberty Biberty said...

Y'know Debbie, it's supposed to be autumn here but I'm almost dressed up like you, it's freezing, hailing and raining, miserable...glad I don't have to drive a digger!

MiniKat said...

Now that is the way to set up a garden! My mother would be terribly jealous. ;-)

Can't wait to see how you've designed it all.

Debbie said...

Mercedes I can't believe this weather it was beautiful here at the beginning of the week. It was like winter today..

Kat, I have a design in my head for the Garden. But it will be some time before I start on it. All that Earth is very well rotted horse manure and kitchen waste. Had to move it so we could start the heaps all over again..

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Hey Debbie, that´s pretty cool !!!What a power woman you are ! Great ! You have my full respect ! Maybe I can order you when we start digging here around the house ?We would have sooo much fun ,LOL

Jodi said...

You Look WONDERFUL Debbie...I think nothing is quite so beautiful as a woman who is not afraid to work and get next to the earth...

Even your hair looks great!!

Happy Easter


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