Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour ~ The Weasleys Kitchen At The Burrow

This set was set up so that as you waved your hand over a sensor outside the set, things magically came to life and started to move, like the brush scrubbing the dishes in the sink and the knitting needles clicking away, knitting a scarf. Just like in the films.
Most of the scenes at the Weasley's Burrow, took place in the Kitchen.



Daydreamer said...

More wonderful pictures Debbie! I find the "headless manikins a little weird to look at in the scenes... but maybe better than trying to make "portrait" manikins! I Love so many of the details of the Burrow kitchen.... it feels so homey and well loved... but still has all the zany Witchy feeling too! It really is wonderful to see all these pictures you took... I will probably never have the opportunity to tour the sets... and they really give you a chance to look closely at all those wonderful details! Thank you for sharing!

Steinworks said...

oh I loved the Weasleys, thank you very much for posting your photos of their home.


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