Saturday, 7 June 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour ~ The Great Hall

This May marked mine & hubby's 25th Wedding Anniversary.
To celebrate we had a few days away from home, staying in a Hotel, visiting the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour & then visiting family and friends. Harry looked after the House & Animals, as he was home on leave.
It was Wand Week, when we visited and  I can honestly say on the morning of the Tour, I was like a Kid, so excited.
I took three camera's with me, so was able to take hundreds of photographs. There are so many that I will upload in sections, so you can see how amazing the details were in the making of the films, a lot of which wasn't seen.
Statues On The Wall To The Entrance To The Great Hall

Doors To The Great Hall

Duelling Table In The Middle Of The Great Hall

Torchiere In The Shape Of A Dragon

One Of The Dining Tables


Jug On The Dining Table


Professor Flitwick's Costume

Mad Eye Moody's Costume

Prof McGonagall & Prof Dumbledore's Costumes

Guide Showing Us The Real Elder Wand Used In The Films

School Uniforms In The Great Hall

Torchiere In The Shape Of A Lion

Flich's Costume and the House Point Machine Behind

Hagrids Costume

Professors McGonagall Dumbledore & Snapes Costumes

Model Of The Great Hall

Model Of The Great Hall

Floating Candles

Costumes For The Yule Ball

Costumes For The Yule Ball

Yule Ball Ice Sculpture

Model Of The Ceiling In The Great Hall

Ron's Robes For The Yule ball

Food At The Yule Ball

Food For The Yule Ball

The Leaky Cauldron

Wigging Table

Pictures Of The Makeup


Boar On Top Of The Gates


Detail On The Costumes


Daydreamer said...

Wow, Debbie, what a wonderful tour! I can't believe the amount of work that went into making their world so real... I think I need to go watch the movies again! I love the costumes and the architectural models.... plus seeing so many of the set details is fascinating! Thank you for sharing this!
And Happy Anniversary!

Jill Drennan said...

Such fun photos! It must have been an amazing trip. Thanks so much for sharing all this Harry Potter goodness!

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