Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Desdemona's Home For Orphaned & Abandoned Dragons & Other Magical Creatures ~ 8

 This was the Wash room, that is attached to Desdemona's. I've removed the tools that were hanging on the wall. But left the decoration as is, it has now become the Dragon & Magical Animals treatment room.
As you can see it's filling up nicely, with all manner of Creatures. I need to put some more hooks in the beams, to hang some more cages from.
The Hanging Pendant light has been removed and will be replaced with a flush ceiling, battery operated LED light. 
The Cages were something that I purchased for Eeylops, then painted them to look old and rusty, but they look much better in here and fit the space perfectly between the front wall and the Copper in the corner. There also Dragon Friendly.
I'm really enjoying filling this room with all manner of creatures, which are also starting to filter into the House as well..
So if you hear of any Dragon's or Magical Creatures that need a good home, having been Orphaned or abandoned, or can no longer be cared for. Desdemona will gladly take them in, she never turns any animal in need away.


Jane Smith said...

A wonderful space to hold the little magical critters. I know a few of the leftover creatures from my shop would love to play with your little guys ;)

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

just to prove I read your blog xx

Lady Fanaberia said...

Wow, great miniatures! And there's so many details :)

Giac said...

Hello Debbie,
Not only do I admire the quality of your work, but I also love where your imagination takes you. It is a terrific project.
Big hug,

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