Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Desdemona's Home For Orphaned & Abandoned Dragons ~ 3

 The renovations have started on Desdemona's. The Room with the least amount that needs doing is the Lounge.  I took everything out of the room and gave it a clean. The white embossed paper above the Panelling was quite dirty and marked with the dreaded Blu Tac grease marks and there were also glue marks on the Paper. You can see the marks left by the Blu Tac, just above the mantel piece.
I went through my paints and chose an acrylic paint called antique white. It matches the backing colour of the wallpaper perfectly. Just by painting the embossed paper, its really freshened the room up. I Love the Wall paper in this room. I think it is a Chinese or Japanese origami paper. It suits the theme for this House.
 Inside the Fireplace there were some really thick plastic looking tiles, I've removed them and used real slate tiles instead, which I've stuck to a Black card. I also found a Fire back, in my stash, which on closer inspection had the initial "D" inscribed on it, so was certainly meant to be used in there.

 I've also repainted the Fire fender, that came with the house. Its been made from wood, some leather and an old fan. You can see it in the bottom picture. Its nothing fancy but does the job. I've taken the Fire that was in the Kitchen Fireplace and put that in this fireplace.
Just got to sort out the Furniture and lights for this Room now and then I can start adding all the other little bits and pieces. But will wait until, I redecorated all the rooms and tidied up the outside as well.


BlacknickSculpture said...

Looking great Debbie! The fire place and slate flooring are especially nice!

Nicola Bowen said...

I just LOVE this room - it's fabulous!!

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