Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Welcome... Over 450 Now..

A very Big Welcome to some more followers. I still can't believe so many people want to listen to my ramblings..LOL
My new followers are:-
Michelle who I'm sure has a blog but unfortunately I can't find it. Michelle if you do have a blog can you leave a comment here and I'll add your link.
Adele who has a few blog's but here's the link to her miniature one Adeles SpOOky Art.
Paula Nerhus who's blog is called Paula Nerhus...Art Dolls.
Hekatee who's blog is called Wonderland, but no posts on there as yet.
Curious Marion who has two blogs one being the Witches Cottage. Marion took a class with Rik Pierce and this blog cronicles the step by step building of this house.
Eva Krog who's blog is called Mine Dukkehuse. Eva has a lovely Mini Beach House and hasn't been blogging long.
Lola who's blog is called Princess Lola's Miniature Diary, is the Daughter of Kate & John and is one of the youngest blogger's on the block at Eight. Lola is doing a Bramley Hedge House and will be writing about her Miniatures.
Contar who's blog is called Mis Miniaturas Y Yo. Lots of miniatures on this blog.
Catherine who's blog is called Le Monde Creatif De Catherine, just go and take a look at her beautiful Granny's Cottage.
And last but not least is Gaina who has a few blogs so have given you a link to her profile.
As always please go over and say Hi....

On the home front, I've had a new appointment through to see the Cardiologist on 11.5.10. Which is a vast improvement on the previous appointment 22.6.10. A few people have emailed to ask how I'm doing, and the update is that I am still very swollen and the water tablets are not on top of the fluid retention any more. I'm swollen Morning, Noon and Night and its in both legs and my arms now. Lets hope that they manage to find out what's going on, as I'm pretty fed up looking like the Phillsbury Dough Man and not being able to get any of my clothes on other then baggy tracksuit bottoms. I either need a tap or Syphon fitted to get rid of it all. LOL...
In other news we are waiting for the birth of this years foals, three of our Mares are heavily pregnant, just hoping all goes well this year.
Ben is taking his "A" level photography exam today, so keeping our fingers crossed for him.
I'm off over my friend Tash's this afternoon, she has been feeding a stray Cat, which over the weekend has given birth in her Garden, in a wooden box. Tash managed to move the box with Mum and the Four Kittens, into her Utility Room last night, where they are all nice and snug with plenty of food. There are two Grey, 1 Black and a Ginger Kitten. I'll try and remember my Camera... xxxx


Mooghiscath said...

Thank's Debbie for the publicity of my blog .It's not always easy for me to understand all the words and how the blog work , but I try to progress !!!

Evas miniaturerhobby said...

Hallo. am new here. thamke you for your welcome! I have a new blog with a little beachhouse.
You can find my blog here:


I hope to see you!

Eva Krog Andersen

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

That's a lot of births going on around you, Debbie! I'd love to see some kitten pictures. What kind of horses do you breed?

I do hope you're feeling better soon -- being so swollen must feel very uncomfortable. But congratulations on passing the 450 follower mark!

rosanna said...

I'm so glad about your appointment, 11/5 is much more reasonable than June ! You always make me laugh, a tap or a syphon..., that's why you have so many followers: you are witty, humorous, generous and kind. Who might ask for anything more? I'll keep fingers crossed for Ben but I'm sure he will do good. Hugs Rosanna

Debbie said...

You are very Welcome Catherine.

Eva I have updated your details on my blog. Thank you.

Mezzo we bred Miniature Shetland Ponies please see my other blog:-

Thank you Rosanna..xxx

contar said...

es usted muy amable al hacer publicidad de mi blog, coincidimos en ser seguidores de tantos que me parece conocerle de toda la vida.
Espero que su salud tenga una gran mejoría.
un abrazo

It is very nice you on having done advertising of my blog, we coincide in being followers of so many people that looks like to know to him about the whole life.
I hope that his health has a great improvement.
An embrace

Marja said...

what a many followers Debbie!
sorry that you still hold as much moisture ..
hopefully it goesvfurther okay with you?
nice new foals there soon ..
hugs Marja

Jean Day said...

Great to hear how you are doing, hope your appointment will lead to some solutions!! I would love to see photos of the kitties!

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