Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Nikki's Gifts... (Part Two)..

Well here are the rest of the wonderful gifts that Nikki, sent me.
I've already made up a Story about the little Hat table. The Witch who owns the Hat, got too close to a Dragon who has badly singed it, so she has taken it to the Witch Hat Maker for some repairs. It was one of her favourites!..I will get this Hat shop built. LOL..
The next four photographs, show the table that Nikki made and some wonderful terracotta pots she brought. The pots are so fine and beautifully made. These will be used in the Witches Garden, that I intend to attach to the Witches Hat Shop.
The next photograph shows a crate of Pumpkins, a Pumpkin Bird House and a Cage. These were all made by Nikki. We have been having quite a few discussions about making cages for Eeylops Owl Emporium. I want to hang them from the ceiling. I love this one.
In the very last photograph, you can see that Nikki made me a Dragon Skull and some Dragon Skin for the Apothecary. If you click on the pictures they will pop up bigger.
Nikki, also included in the parcel a great big piece of cream cotton voile material, some Dragon Eggs which I'm sure I photographed, but obviously didn't and a lot of little bits and pieces, that need a bit of altering.
Thank you so much Nikki, you are a very dear friend. xxxxx

On the home front I had to go and have another Blood Test yesterday. My least favourite activity. The Lady that takes the blood in the Doctor's, is brilliant, she knows how bad I am with needles and how difficult it is to get my blood. But she managed first time yesterday. I also saw the Doctor as the swelling is not going down, in fact if anything its getting worse. Nikki , can vouch for that as I sent her some pictures. So this afternoon we have to ring, for the results of the blood test. If my Kidney function is OK, then they will up the water tablets again, to try and get some of this fluid off me. When you think they have steadily upped these tablets, from 2mg at the start, to 80mg now and it looks like they could be going up again! I doubt I'll be able to leave the House, need to be near a Loo..LOL..
I got quite upset while talking to the Doctor yesterday, so she wants to send me for some counselling. Which I've agreed too, but have no idea how long I'll have to wait.
I have to stop the Statins for two weeks now, and see if the swelling improves. If it's not them, then we go on to the next one on the list, its all a process of elimination....

*UPDATE* Just spoken with the Doctor, Blood test was OK, Kidneys are functioning as they should. They are increasing my Water Tablets to 120mg, for five days to see if the fluid starts to come off. Looks like I won't be straying very far from Home, over the next few days.....


Bear cabin miniatures said...

They are all lovely, Debbie. You are sooo lucky. The little hat table is fab :0)
Hope your ok,
Julia xxx

Glenda said...

What fabulous gifts!! I love the little cage.
Isn't Nikki such a clever mini maker, and such a nice lady, so talented and generous!

Michelle's Mad World said...

WOW! What truly fabulous pressies!!! I LOVE the cage, she must have specially made that for you as I don't remember seeing it at KDF - I need many especially rustic ones like that! :o))

What a truly generous soul Nikki is not to mention talented! :o)

I hope the sort you out soon Debie, it's just to much! The hot weather will do little to help with the swelling too.

Every good wish to you,
Michelle xxxx

Merry Jingle said...

What a wonderful parcel of precious gifts you've gotten :)

And I really hope that they find the reason for your swelling soon, I can imagine how crappy you feel and frustrated - hope that Nikki's gifts brought you little sunshine in your life :)


Kathi said...

So happy to hear they got your blood drawn on the FIRST try! I was praying for that. :)
I hope they find a reason for the swelling very soon. I know you must feel miserable.

The Old Maid said...

Oh, Debbie, you don't have to buy anything from Nikki's Etsy!;) It's fantastic to have a friend like you both are for each other!:)Fantastic gifts! I would love to get a Dragon Egg and a piece of it's skin for Snape:) Oh well maybe one day I will be the quckest;)

As for your health I wanted to ask if the doctors ask you to take any pils with hormones? Or did they make the test to check them too? They cause so much swelling too. Anyway I hope the doctors will soon find out what is wrong and help you!

Susanna said...

See my kind of perfect day would involve hanging out with you two and making witchy things :)

I love the story you came up with for the hat table!
You lucky lady you...

I hope they'll soon figure out how to make you feel better.. hugs..

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I bet you though tit was birthday and Christmas rolled into one Debbie!! Everything is amazing, I love that little stone table, Id love one like that for my wicked queen house, its great! How generous is Nikki! Kate xx

Dragonstar said...

Ah Debbie, I do hope they find some way of sorting you out soon - it must be so miserable for you!

PAKY said...

wonderful gifts Debbie, congratulations, nikki is a great minimaker and artist!

Gaina said...

They are adorable!

Glad to hear your kidneys are ok :).

Janice said...

Good news about the tests, also you have a very good excuse to stay at home and play with your new minis!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I'm so glad your test came out o.k.
I love your new miniatures, lucky you. :) And the story behind your planned mini scene is so much fun, I can't wait to see how it comes to life!

Ara said...

Such great gifts! Nikki's miniatures are perfection aren't they?? So glad to see you got some good news! Will be praying the swelling goes down! hugs, ara

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Debbie. Glad all was good with the blood tests and it was easy to get.
Hope stopping the statins works and you can eliminate the cause.
It has to be one of the drugs... im sure of that!
I like your story too, lol. You're as mad as me, lol.
I'm going to have a think on cages again and see if i can make them so they dont squash easily. I still think they shouldn't be perfect and crooked is what i want to achieve, but as for making them strong i still don't have a clue.
I will look into real wood, soaking it and shaping.
Nikki xxx

Oooh the word verification is rednests, lol. Seems appropriate for a cage.

Carol said...

Debbie,I just have to share this with you.My feet are so swollen since the warm weather I refer to them as elephants feet.My toes are aching from the swelling.Anyway,finally told my GP.I had been on only 2.5 of bendroflumethiazide(diuretics/water tablets) for blood pressure.Dr said these were not strong enough to help with swollen feet/ankles so he changed it to a different medication 40mg.I never read the leaflets with medication but last night I did.It said do not take if you are allergic to sulphonamides.I am so seriously allergic to sulphonomides that I would lose my life very quickly before anyone could help.I've already collapsed with anaphylactic shock.It is on the computer screen at the drs in red letters as an alert about my allergies.Dr said the swelling of feet needs medication as it can cause the skin to split and then cause ulceration but I am told there is no alternative to the medication which is unsafe for me.

Carol said...

Debbie I can totally understand your fear of having blood taken/needles.I am fine with it but my daughter quite seriously told the nurse that she would rather slit her wrist and let the blood drip out than have a needle!Yet,she had Wolff Parkinson White syndrome where messages from the brain for your heart to beat go to more than one nerve so conflicting messages,it goes too fast or too slow.She had an operation where she had to be awake whilst they stopped her heart several times.She said she thought she had died-a terrifying operation yet she is more scared of needles.Good news was the op worked.Carolx

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Wow I am most jealous tee hee what a wonderful hat table!

After Dark minatures said...

Wow cool table, I sometimes make haunted minis myself ;)

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