Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Yesterday 5th January 2010

Yesterday morning we woke to rain, which very quickly turned to sleet and then to Snow. Outside our House is quite a steep hill that goes down into the village. We were watching the cars struggling to get up and down the hill, when down came a lorry and it started to slide, he was so lucky that he didn't jack knife. A few cars managed to pull into the lay by, but one just didn't make it and hit the grass bank. If you click on the pictures they will pop up bigger. We did the good neighbour bit and made the lorry driver a hot drink and asked the others in the lay by if they wanted a hot drink or to use the loo. Well you know what its like when its freezing and you need to go..
We rang the council to inform them of the problem on the hill and they told us to ring the Police, which we did. The Lorry driver eventually, after about 2 hours managed to straighten the Lorry up and get down the hill using the car tracks. Then blow me along came the Snow Plough and cleared the ice and gritted and then the Police drove up the hill. They were gritting and clearing the hill all through the night.
The only one in our Household who seems to be enjoying all the Snow is Merlin, he looked like a Polar Bear after rolling around the snow, then he promptly came indoors and shook himself. The floor and walls were drenched.
Merlin really makes us laugh, Harry throws Snowballs to him which he either eats or if they hit the ground he digs for them, he just doesn't realise they've disappeared into the surrounding snow. Bless him he's not the full Shilling..
I'll be back later with some more pictures that I took today..


MiniKat said...

What wonderful weather we're all having. ;-)

Glad no one was injured in the ordeal. I hope the roads clear up soon.

WendiesMiniWorld said...

my Twink does exactly the same as Merlin! :o) good job they don't have sensitive teeth eh?! I have a video of her doing it, but have to remember what to do to add it to my blog...... hmmm? I may be gone a while to work it out ! LOL

Kim said...

Pretty to look at- but dangerous also! Glad no one was hurt- and wonderful of you to help everyone out! My pups love the snow too- roll around in it in glee! Stay warm!!

Michelle's Mad World said...

I'm sure that the driver was so grateful to your kindness and hospitality. ;o)) The weather here too has been dire. I live in a hilly area too, and the traffic has just come to a standstill once it hits a hill. We still have 2 buses stuck amongst cars on one of the larger roads near me and still have a long trail of stranded cars up by the mouth of the motorway and a long it. :o(

My cats hate the snow, although one is fascinated looking at it falling through the window!
Take care!
Michelle xxx

Ara said...

Your dog is a cutie!! And love the name Merlin! Hope they get the roads cleared up for you soon :)
Hugs, Ara

shannonc60 said...

It looks so magical! I agree with everyone else though - it can be pretty dangerous stuff. Hope it doesn't last too long, although it is a good excuse to stay inside and drink hot chocolate and play with minis!

Tallulah Belle said...

You are having some mean old weather over there right now huh.

Stay warm...and safe (((())))

Debie Lyons said...

Yup Our Henry is the same as Merlin. Brrrrrrrrr.

Debie xxxx

Katie said...

...catching up on my blog reading over here! I wish I could just get a little bit of that snow! LOL...My Mom called me at 7 this morning to tell me that they had another 2 inches in DC, and that it was still coming! Enjoy it for us!

So glad to see Merlin! Hadn't seen him around! He's so BIG!! I bet throwing snowballs for him is a blast!

Loved seeing the kids on their sled! And hearing you laugh in the background! No one can make you laugh like your kids can, know what I mean?! So glad to hear you so happy:)
Stay Warm!!


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