Sunday, 24 January 2010

Welcome ....

A very big welcome to some more followers they are:-
Estafania who has a few blogs Mini Cositas, Rosa Gascon, El Minimundo de Dru, abedul etxea 8, now whether they are all hers, or whether is part of a mini group I'm not sure, but all the links are filled with Miniatures..
Dawn who's also in Wales.. Hello or Helo Dawn. Dawns blog is called In My Miniature World, she's only been blogging this month. Have a look at her wonderful knitted Dolls.
Leilani who unfortunately I can't find any information for. Leilani if you have a blog please let me know. so that I can share your link.
Barbara of Cricket Hollow Primitives, I just love her take on fried Chicken..LOL
And last but not least Carey who's blog is called Chicory Nits, there's lots of Miniatures on here and for those of you that like a bit of shabby chic there's some of that as well..
As always please go and say Hi.....

For those of you that have emailed or rung. I've not been around much this week as I've not been feeling too good. Think I over did it at Physiotherapy and I've been paying the price ever since. Needless to say the Boys have been a bit concerned but I'm OK, just a bit sore... xxxx


Cheryl said...

Hope You feel better soon!

Carey said...

Hi Debbie,
Thank you so much for the lovely mention of my blog.That was very kind.
Hugs, Carey (Chicory Nits)

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Hi Debbie. Hope you are feeling better now.

I just wanted to tell you that you are the winner of the birthday give away. Please contact me at kaleidoskopicromance at yahoo dot com so I can send you your minis.

please do not publish this comment - I just needed to give you my e-mail :)

Pandora said...

Hi Debbie. Hope you are feeling better. We have snow and sunshine today and your cake pics have inspired me to stay home and do some baking :-)

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