Thursday, 3 December 2009


I have been remiss in not welcoming my new followers.
So Hello everyone and Welcome..
They are:-
Asuka Sakumo who's blog is called Cloudy Purple Sky. Lots of Minis on there.
Danita Zarate who I can't find any information on.
Mary Williams who's blog is called Mary Williams Dollshouse Dolls Blog. Mary makes the most wonderful dolls.
Paky who's blog is called Paquicheli. Another blog filled with minis.
Minimaker (Gaye) who's blog is called My Small Obsession and is also behind the blog Creating Dolls House Miniatures, and the website also called My Small Obsession.
Patricia Cabrera who has a few blogs but this one is fabulous Woolytales Miniatures. She sculpts the most fabulous miniature animals..
Sharon who's blog is called Hollyshan. Sharon is sharing her miniatures and Dolls House.
Bubbles who I can't find a blog for, but I'm sure she was here before under the name of Kewpie. I wonder if I'm right?.
Oberon's Wood who's blog is of the same name Oberon's Wood. A blog filled with wonderful mini creations.
Last but not least is Genevieve who's blog is called Genevieve's Miniacollection.

As always please go over and say Hi and let them know Debbie sent you...

I've also added the networked blogs gadget to all my blogs from my Facebook. If your on facebook please feel free to add yourself..


~MiniMaker said...

Hi Debbie! Thanks for the welcome!

Bubbles said...

You are so correct, I have had a name change :). Its great to be back on the blogs again.

PAKY said...

Thank you for your welcome, is a pleasure follow your blog... regards

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