Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Welcome.. Over 300 Followers

A few more followers have joined the throng. Welcome everyone...
They are:-
AminaShk who's blog is called Clay Paper Wood Wire. Amina is very new to blogging.
Norma who's blog is called Make Mine Mini, some wonderful minis on here.
Hugs who's blog is called Hugs and Keepsakes.
Aru who's blog is called Aru. Go and have a look at the minis inside night lights.
Christel Hutson who's blog is called One Of A Kind Art Dolls by Christel Hutson. Just go and have a look at her beautiful sculpts and her darling little Fae..Beautiful.
Smidge Girl who's blog is called Smidge House, she also has a Etsy Shop of the same name. She makes Ooak Sixth Scale Furniture & Accessories,
Ron Nelson who's blog is called Artisan Of Ocala. Ron has been a professional scale model maker since 1982.
Papallona who has two blogs minisxisc and mis damitas both are filled with miniatures.
Celia (Head Witch Of The Hollow), who has two blogs League Of Dark Witch & Wizards, and The Secret Diary of a Mountain Witch. Celia sculpts the most wonderful Witches and Wizards.
Angeles who's blog is called El Rincon de Baldu, some beautiful minis on there.
Maria Jose who's blog is called Bienvenidos a mi blog Marivigano. Quite a few modern minis on here.
And last but not least Ciri who has a few blogs but this one is more to do with miniatures. Il Fantastico Mondo Di Ciri. Ciri makes miniature food jewellery.

Well I can't believe I've passed the 300 mark on my followers list on blogger and that I also have another 64 on my Networkedblogs followers list. Thank you everyone...
As always please go over and say Hi and let them know that I sent you.... xxx


Lize said...

Hi Debbie, I think you know nearly every miniature enthusiast in `blogland'!

Christel Hutson said...

Hi Debbie. Thanks for trying to find me! I do have a blog, and would love for you to come and visit! one of a kind art dolls by Christel Hutson your tiny creations are amazing

Debbie said...

Lize I know quite a few.. xx

Christel I've updated your details for everyone to share and I've put your blog on my mini links page as well. Your Dolls are wonderful..x

Debie Lyons said...

Congrats on you hitting the 100 mark (((( Hugs ))))

Debie xxxx

Ara said...

Congrats on 300 - wowee! hugs - ara

kimsminiatures said...

Congrats on over 300 followers. Your and your blog are wonderful. Hugs~ Kim

AminaShk said...

Thanks for finding me Debbie.

Anonymous said...

Debbie...don't you think that my blogs will scare your friends?

You have such "sane" followers...maybe you should have put a warning up before introducing me...he he...too late now!

Thank you anyway...and congratulations on 300...I don't know how you manage them all!

Katie said...

That's amazing Debbie...Congrats!!!
And thanks for all the links, gives me something to do! Big Hugs!


marlies said...

WOW over 300 followers! great! Congrats!
* marlies

ruthie said...

Hi Debbie, thank you for visiting faerietale, how fab that you have some of debies work in your collection, i love her stuff!

Laurina Bartmann-Lucius said...


I want to give you an award because you make greatfull thinks, and your blog is amazing.

You can pick up the Award from my blog.

Laurina Bartmann.

cockerina said...

congratulations for your 300 followers!!!
how are you?? feeling better???
Has deflated the leg??
many kisses, Caterina

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