Saturday, 17 October 2009

Welcome ....

While I've been ill and away from my blog, I've had lots of new followers.
A very big welcome to you all.
I'm going to try and list everyone, but if I miss anyone, I apologise and if I've already welcomed you and do it again, just ignore me.. LOL..
So first off is Claudia, who's blog is called Mockingbird Hill Cottage.
Luca who's blog is called Miniaturas para Elsa.
Kerry at Ella-Rose Miniatures, just have a look at her Cake Challenge Cake. Its magnificent..
Karin from KC-Design, Karin makes some wonderful magical miniatures.
Also, another Karin, who I think her blog is called My Minis KB. KArin sculpts the most lovely miniature Dolls.
Stephen Baird who's blog is called Nikon Sniper, some fabulous photography on his blog.
Evelien, who's blog is called ejacreates. Evelien is building her first Dolls House and is making a wonderful job of it.
Hankhara, who's blog is called Mis Cosicas.
Kelly Reins who's blog is called Altered Art Jewelry by Kelly Reins.
Christina who's blog is called Clay Wishes By Christina. Cute little clay bears and some very interesting links on her blog.
Lee who again I can't find any info for.
Victoria Guanche who again I can't find a blog for.
Vane who's blog is called El minimundo de Vane, some wonderful mini's on this blog.
Cheryl from A Miniature Place, no posts as yet, come on Cheryl show us your Miniature's..
Lori from Oh Mini Of Mine. Lori builds and decorates the American Kits, her attention to detail is fantastic.
DollMum who has a blog of the same name Doll Mum's Blog.
Laurina Bartmann who's blog is called Das Strunzertaler Volk, I just love her Trolls..
Paris Miniatures who are a "girlie" and "bloke" team. You may know them as Emmaflam & Miniman. Their blog is called Paris Miniatures and they make the most wonderful miniature food.
Le Coffre who's blog is called Le Coffre D'Emilie and is a miniature visual treat.
Uneekdolldesigns, who's blog is called Uneek Musings.
Miniaturista who's blog is called Miniaturista-minisypx.
Casita Mini who's blog is called Casita Mini Foro.
Begonia who's blog is called Just A Little Push. Begonia is very new to the miniature world, but have a look at the kitchen cupboards she built from scratch, wonderful.
Cockerina who's blog is called Le Minis Di Cockerina.
Asli who's blog is called Tasarim,Hobi,Maket,ilginc,minik,detay... Some nice miniatures.
Amica, can't find any info for this one.
Sajonara who's blog is called Il Mondo Incantato. Sajonara is very new to the blogosphere.
Victoria who's blog is called Little Boxes.
Nuri who's blog is called Las Minis De Nuri.
Anneke who's blog is calld Pieplyts and is very new to the blogosphere.
And last but not least is Rosa who's blog is called Mini Creazioni.

Hopefully, I've included everyone that I should have, if I've left anyone out please let me know. As always please go over and say Hi.

It's taken me nearly four hours to do this post, as I have to keep getting up and moving around. I meant to tell you all how I got on at the Doctors on Thursday. My leg has been really quite sore over the last few days, where the vein was taken and is swollen and in parts quite hot. I was worried that I might have a DVT (deep vein thombosis). Lucky for me, it's not, but I do have Cellulitus, (if you click on the name it will take you over for an explaination). So the Doctor has put me on some super douper, Antibiotic's to clear the infection.



Christel Jensen said...

Hi Debbie
How wonderful to see that you are back. You have been missed in blogland for sure! Thanks for nice posts on my blog. Hope you will have a good recovery.
Minhugs from Norway:)

rosanna said...

Hi Debbie,I'm happy that your worst fear has been disappointed. Good luck with the new cure, I wish it will work fast. Have a nice weekend and do not overtire. Hugs Rosanna

Kathi said...

Wow! Look at all of the blogs I can visit! Thanks for sharing them!
I have a special award for you today!
Please click on over to pick it up!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Don't overdo, Debbie!

It's soooooo good to see you again!


Tabitha Corsica said...

I am overjoyed to see you back on your blog! Sorry to hear the leg is still giving you's always something, you know? But the medication should clear things up and you'll be back to your oldself soon.

Big Hug from Corsica,


Evelien said...

Hi Debbie,

You've had lots of followers to mention! Thank you for your personal welcome and I hope your leg will be better soon. So nice to read your blogs again! Your son did a great job in keeping us informed, but of course reading your own blogs is best!

groetjes evelien

cockerina said...

Hello Debbie, thanks for having me appointed from among your followers, I hope to receive your visits often because I'm working a lot and soon posters and photos ..
Get well soon, and you will not tire your leg!!!

nice new clock ... put it your son, right? ah ah!

Caterina from

Anonymous said...

Deb, it is so nice to have you back and how like you to think of everyone before yourself. Four hours - and a lot of it in pain I bet, and yet you listed each and every one of your new followers. You always were so considerate and kind. I do wish that you have a speedy recovery and that you will soon be up and around again.

Eva said...

HAve a nice weekend Debbie. good news, Antibiotics normally are great and fast so be patient that I am sure that your leg will feel better shortly :)
Take care!
My best wishes

Mary said...

Dear Debbie,

Thank you so much for checking up on me and for your note. Circumstances in real life has kept me away from my blog, my blog friends, and working on minis for a long time. And I miss all of it terribly! I popped onto some of my favorite blogs to play catch-up and can't believe I missed all that has been happening on your end. I got really ill back in September but nothing remotely close to open-heart surgery. So sorry to not have been "by your side." My thoughts and well-wishes are with you!

Take care and lotsa hugs,

Mary of U.S.A.

Begoña said...

ooh, thank you!!!I've been reading you for more than a year now and even though we havent spoken yet I feel like I know you, so I'm really really really happy you are back again, cant wait to see some of your new work!!

Katie said...

LOL.....Only you would list eery single new follower....I think we would of understood if you haven't, but hopefully this shows all your new followers what an amazing person you are! Now they can see why we all love you to! I saw you've been reading my blog, too! Makes me feel good to know you've looked! So Glad Your back!!


Anneke said...

Thank you for the warm welcome!
and I wish you health and a good recovery!

dales_dreams said...

Good to see you are back to blogging. Hoping all heals well and quickly. :)

Fabiola said...

A beautiful blog.
The miniatures you make are very realistic. Nice, nice, nice.
Bye bye Fabiola - Italy

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