Sunday, 18 October 2009

More Welcomes...

A Big Welcome to another two followers since yesterday. They are:-
Minicrochetmad who has a blog by the same name Minicrochetmad. Her little crocheted Teddies are wonderful and so are her little Fur Babies.
Julie G. who's blog is called Yummy Miniature Foods From The Crow. Lots of pictures of miniatures on here..
As always please go over and say Hi...

I've also added these and everyone else's blog links over on the Tiny Treasures Mini Links Blog.
There's quite a few hundred over there now. If you have any links that you'd like me to add, please send me an email and I'll pop them on there.


Begoña said...

the award fever has come back again!! There's one award for you on my blog!

Maria said...

Hi! There is also an award in my blog too :)

Best Wishes, Maria

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