Thursday, 14 August 2008

More Visitors....

Mick's parents went home yesterday, after being with us for ten days. Only to find when they arrived home, that some little thieving s**t, had stolen the ornamental urn from their front garden.
Kath had brought it to put the Lily in I'd given her, from a cutting off my plant. The thing was really heavy, and big Mick had, had to move it in a wheel barrow. One of their neighbours, came up to tell them that she had found it broken in pieces down the road. Obviously, who ever nicked it, had tried to roll it, and it being so heavy lost control on the slope and it had smashed. Little comfort to Kath & Mick, but at least the thief hasn't got it.
Spoke to Tanya yesterday, she is coming up on Friday for a long weekend, she needs some stress relief. She was in such a flap last night. She has a really stressful job anyway, but on top of that has been doing a course at work and needed to have an essay in today. Tanya had written the essay, but was going over it last night, only to find that the essay was supposed to be 2500 words and not 2000 as she first thought. So you can imagine she was in quite a flap..
I've added a couple of pictures of the inside of one of my shops, this one is the gift shop. I was really surprised when I unwrapped it, that nothing had been broken. Thank goodness for bubble wrap... Will take some more photo's of the other shops and post them shortly...

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