Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Anticipation.. Tomorrow Ben gets his GCSE Exam results. He's in the higher tiers so can't get anything less then a "C" or else its a fail. The only subject in the lower tier is Welsh, which all the kids here have to learn. He seems totally non fazed, but Me the Mum, well my guts are churning. When I was at School, the results used to be sent direct to you at home, but now the Kids can go in and pick up the results direct from the school. Once he gets the results, we will know if he can stay on at school in the 6th Form. He's already picked out 5 subjects, for his A levels! It's also Mick's Birthday tomorrow, so I am hoping its going to be a double Celebration. I'm keeping everything crossed, that he's passed...
Harry had his 2nd Riding lesson today, at the new school and he's doing really well, and really enjoying himself. He's got another two lessons booked in for next week, so most make sure I take the Camera.
Also spoke to Tash this evening all the kitten's have now gone off to their new homes. Have uploaded some more video of them, that I took yesterday.

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