Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Happy Anniversary..

Well its mine and Mick's 19Th Wedding Anniversary today and also Tash & Geoff's Wedding Anniversary as well. Its also my friend Ruth's Birthday. So best wishes everyone, hope your all enjoying your day.. Thank you to those who remembered and sent cards, and thanks Mick & Kath for the cheque.
Doing a little bit of bonding in the kitchen today. Just filling in where the new electric points have been chased in the wall. So its already for Colin when he comes to do the rendering and plastering.
Was really busy here yesterday, had the Blacksmith here all afternoon.
Going to try and get to Swansea tomorrow and on Thursday we have the Vet coming to do the Stallion Assessments, so another couple of busy days ahead.
Harry was out with the school yesterday on a field trip and hike, he seemed to have enjoyed it, even though his arm is still in a sling.
Ben and Harry both have exams today, so keeping my fingers crossed that they both do well.
Nothing else much to report...

1 comment:

KatieKatastrophe said...

Oh my Gosh!
I didn't know!
I wouldv'e sent something on facebook to say Happy Anniversary!
Ben didn't say a word about it.
Hows the weather in Wales?

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