Friday, 16 May 2008


Sorry for the lapse in my blog.. Been really busy here, mostly outside, while the weather has been good. (Please see Hericus blog). The weather has been wonderful, well up until today, its now raining bucket loads.
Colin our builder has been round and the wall in the kitchen has now dried out enough for it to be re-rendered and plastered. Oh I can't wait for it to be finished, really fed up with it at the moment. Hopefully, he will be here within the next two weeks, then once its dried I can get painting. Be so nice to have it finally finished. The trench outside has been levelled and the block work, has started to go in as a retaining wall. Which will eventually be rendered and painted, so we will have a walk way, completely round the kitchen. Will take some pictures, when it stops raining. Also been a bit of an ongoing saga about the boundary at the end of our field. Needless, to say I wasn't a happy bunny and had to contact a Solicitor. Hopefully, it will be sorted soon, as the cottage is now under offer. Colin came to have a look at what was needed there, just need to write the letter now, to the owner.
Harry has been back at school since last week, seems to be managing well with the brace and sling, the teachers are letting him out a few minutes earlier after his classes, so that he doesn't get shoved about in the corridors and at the end of school. He has exams next week.
Ben had his school Prom last week at one of the local Hotel's, he really enjoyed himself. He's currently on study leave, but went into school on Wednesday for one exam. He has another 3 days in school next week for exams, then off Thursday and Friday.

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