Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Kensington Weekend 2015 ~ Part 3

These are the pictures that were taken when we all met up outside Kensington Town Hall, for a chat and catch up. There may be a few faces you recognize.
The bottom pictures are of the pieces I brought home with me..
Jolie & Ann
Karen & Kat
Here's the links to everyone's blogs and websites:
Jolie : Jolie's Sanctuary
Ann : Runs a Dollshouse Club
Karen: Is a collector
Kat: Kat Hazelton
Jayne: Tallulah~Belle Originals
Me: Tiny Treasures
Wendiekins: WendiesMiniWorld
Nikki: Witch & Wizard Miniatures
Joolz: Joolz Kendall
Michael: MichaelR Miniatures
Carlanne: Nature's Fae
Janice: On Being A Mini Mum
The Laser off cuts came from Templewood Miniatures.
The Fire Crane & Fire Dogs were from Romney Miniatures.
Ornate Brackets from Art Of Mini.
Little Owl In Cage from Kastlekelm Miniatures.
Toadstool with Face from MichaelR Miniatures.
Owl from Aidan Campbell.

Michaels wonderful Miniatures
Jolie & Jayne to the right
Me giggling wearing Kat's Horny Head dress
Michael showing us his wares

Jayne & Janice
Joolz, Jolie, Jayne & Janice
Laser Cut Off cuts from Templewood Miniatures
Fire Crane from Romney Miniatures
Fire Dogs From Romney Miniatures
Ornate Laser Cut Bracket's from Art Of Mini
Little Owl From Kastlekelm Miniatures
Toadstool from Michael R Miniatures
Owl From Aidan Campbell Miniatures
Pickle and I having a cuddle at the end of the day


The grandmommy said...

It looks like fun was had by all!

Pepper Mitcheson said...

How on earth did I miss you with that horny headress on? =0P

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Fun fun fun!!! Nice to put some faces to some familiar names!!!

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