Friday, 22 May 2015

Kensington Weekend 2015 ~ Part 2 Gifts

 As I knew I'd be meeting up with Friends at Kensington, I made sure that I took a little Gift for them.
If you remember I made a mould of the Dragon head, well I thought they would be a nice gift for the Girls. I made them from Super Sculpey. I made a hanger from wire and inserted it into the uncooked clay. Once the Dragon heads were cooked. I painted them with acrylic paint and used Rub & Buff to make the details stand out. They also got a layer of Glitter paint, as I wanted them to Sparkle in the light. I used Rhinestone's for the Eyes. Once they were dry I used a matching Ribbon to hang them on. Although they are made from a mould, each one is slightly different as the decoration is all done by hand. I literally use my fingernails to make the markings in the fins.
 I also found some lovely little wooden frames in The Works, think there are 10 in a packet and five different shapes for a pound. I'd actually brought them for my Scrapbooks. I made a couple of little House Elf Heads, but made sure they had a flat back. I painted a couple of the Frames, first in Black, then in a Metallic paint and finished it all of with an antiquing medium. I then cut a backing from Scrapbook Card and mounted it to fit each Frame. I then added the Head.
I also took loads quite a few packets of Welsh cakes with me, which I forget to take a picture of, but luckily Bea showed them in a tweet, on Twitter. so I've borrowed her picture.
I hope everyone liked their pressies and I know those Welsh Cakes came in handy at the show, kept everyone going. Fuel for the Soul..


12Create said...

Love the dragon heads, especially in that colour.

Elizabeth S said...

What a considerate friend you are Debbie! and Your dragons are Very Well done too.

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