Saturday, 6 December 2014

Gwili Pottery ~ Out Of The Kiln

 Went to the Gwili Pottery again the other day, to see my friend Chris, who had invited me to play with the Clay. See my previous post here
The Christmas Tree was up and the Decorations that Chris & Sarah are making, were hanging on the tree. These can be personalised before they go in the kiln. Chris showed me some that were ready for collection, with names on them for human family members and their Pets. You can see them on their facebook page.
Chris has also been showing me, how they paint the various patterns on the Pottery and the tools they use to achieve them. Its fascinating how the different colour slips, make other colours once they are fired in the Kiln. To watch Chris paint freehand on the Pottery is amazing. She has just been working on a new design, called Midnight Iris.
Chris had given me two bowls to paint and when I popped over, they were out of the kiln. I must say I was totally shocked and surprised at the abstract one, as it looked a complete mess to me, before it was fired. I actually said to Chris, "I never painted that". 
The last too pictures are of the Bowls that I painted, after they had been fired and glazed.
Its great having Artist friends, who share their talents with others.  Chris is coming over to mine for a Scrapbook session and have a play with some Polymer Clay and I'm sure her hubby will be saying the same as mine "Oh no not another Hobby"....


Chris said...

Beautiful pottery and I love the bowls you decorated.

The grandmommy said...


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