Sunday, 10 November 2013

Builders & Contractors Galore...

Our place has been getting a steady stream, of contractors and builders over the last few weeks. It started off with Alfie, who came to do our Barn Roofs. Undercoat went on and that was allowed to dry, then the top coat went on. What a difference, they certainly needed a new paint job.
We then had the Contractors come and put up the scaffolding around the Kitchen, as we need a new roof on there. But before the Builders arrived, James, came to tile the Utility Room Floor. I've hated the floor in there, since we came here, but it did its job, until I could have it re-tiled. I'm really pleased with it, looks so much better and there are no humps, bumps or dips any more. 
Then our Builder arrived and had a site meeting with the Building Inspector, as its not as simple as taking the old slates off and replacing any more. Everything has to conform or be approved before, they can start. Thankfully, they were given the go ahead.
The Roof was stripped on one side and all new joists have been put in. Unfortunately, the weather is not being kind to us at the moment and the Builders worked till 10pm the other night to make the Roof water tight. The thick insulation, felt and batten's have been started. Just need a break in the weather, so that the Slates can go back on and the other side can be stripped.
There's also been a big reorganisation in the Cabin, which I'll show later. Now maybe I'll be able to get some Mini work & crafting done. I've also been asked to write review on a new product, that's been sent to me. So will share that as well as soon as I can..

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