Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Kensington Dollshouse Festival ~ Part 5

 Here are the last pieces that I brought at Kensington Dollshouse Festival.
Rosebud Cottage, it is part of the range of  House kits & furniture from Bea & Tony at Petite Properties. Its another 1:48th Scale Kit, that's been added to the others, I already have and are on the must put together pile. It was lovely to see Bea, Tony & their Daughter, who were rushed off their feet. But we did manage a quick chat. I was blamed for encouraging Carlanne, to buy a couple of kits, to take home to America, let me tell you, she needed needed no encouragement.
I then brought some moulds and a couple of potted Tentacle plants, from Georgia Marfels. She had a wonderful selection of the weird and wonderful on her stall. She does have an Etsy shop. Her stuff looks lovely in the Flesh. I know Janice, has some of Georgia's little Mice and Michael brought some lovely stuff from there, for his ongoing projects.
I was a really good girl and didn't spend all my pennies at Kensington, instead I brought some little pieces that I needed from Hobbycraft, while I was in Kent with friends and I've been buying some bits and pieces on line. Some of which have already arrived and some I'm waiting for. Most take some pictures of the bits I've already received.


Susanna said...

Love the tentacle plants!
I bought a sweet little rat carrying a key to live in Esther's house last year from Georgia.

carlanne said...

you are soooo very right....needed no real encouragement, just a wee push in the right direction! xx

carlanne said...

you are sooooo very right! needed no real encouragement....just a wee push in the right direction! xx

Eloisa (Heloise) said...

Esas plantas tentáculos me encantan, son increibles.

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