Saturday, 29 January 2011


I'd like to say a big Welcome to some more followers they are:-
Wenlaine, who I can't find information for.
Rosella who's blog is called Il salotto delle rose.
Coltpixy, who has four blogs, so I given you the link to her profile so you can explore them all yourselves.
Sonya who's blog s called Cannella e Melograno, some lovely miniatures on here.
Mummsieminiatures, who has an Etsy Shop of the same name.
Araceli lombilla reyes, again no information.
Kathyb who I think is Kathy Brindle who has a web site and makes miniature flowers and more. Kathy is also a member of A.I.M.
Iris, who's blog is called Iriksen Nukkekoti. Lots f lovely minis on there..
Malu2 who's blog is called Malu's Minis. Another lovely mini blog.
Nuria de Ramon, who again I can find no information on.
C.J who's blog is called Glorious Twelfth. Chronicling a Medieval, Tudor, and Fantasy Doll house Project.
Liz Eastment who's blog is called Minis4u Trials & Tribulations.
Stefot, who again I can't find any info on.
Beans, again no information.
LauraS, again no information.
Debby Gibson, again no links.
Pearl who has a miniature Blog called Dollhouse Diva's Miniature World.
Jollie, who's blog is called A Little More Minis.
Antonia who's blog is called Mini Cositas.
Skulptress who's blog is called Dreaming Of Paris. A beautiful Mini blog.
lluna45, again no information.
Last but not least is Alana Garmonsway.
If any of the above have got a link that I've missed, please leave a comment and I'll add you..
As always please go over and say Hi...
Also to let you know that lots more links have been added over on Tiny Treasures Mini Links.

I'm currently having a major sort out of my Miniature Stock. Will be selling quite a lot of bits and pieces off. Will show you all on here first, before I either list it on Etsy or Ebay.


Kathi said...

Hi Debbie! You are always so good about sharing the links of your followers. Thank you! It's fun finding new blogs and friends.
Can't WAIT to see what you've sorted out and want to sell! It's going to be Christmas all over again! :D

Sans! said...

Me too, eager to see what goodies you have :)

*waves to your new followers

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