Monday, 16 August 2010

Adora Bella Charity Auction .....

My friend Joy over on Adora Bella Minis, is holding a Charity Auction on Ebay.
She has made a fabulous Doll named Wilf, and his auction started at 99p on Ebay last night.
Please pop over to Joys blog for all the details. The auction is for a very worth while cause. Then pop over to Ebay and get a bid in on this wonderful chap.
Wishing you every success with the Auction Joy. xxxx


Catherine said...

What a funny looking little guy! I adore him. :-) Even if he is drooling a bit on his pj's/ lol

Clara said...

Este personaje está muy descansado, seguro que Adora Bella minis logra una buena venta. Voy a su página y a eatsy. Gracias. Clara

Piikko said...

Hi, Debbie!
Thank you for your visit.
You are very well come to my blog♥
Now I am follower of yours too:D
greetings, piikko

My Realitty said...

Cool will do. CM

joy said...

Debbie Thank you so much ♥ & for bidding too, so kind of your. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Great work.
I love it.

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