Thursday, 26 November 2009

For Mercedes, Liberty & Noah..

Many months ago I contacted Mercedes telling her that I was going to make something for her son Noah.
Now anyone that follows Mercedes blog, Liberty Biberty knows she makes the most wonderful shabby chic miniatures. Which are beautiful but not something that really thrills Noah.
Mercedes has previously told me that Noah much preferred my Harry Potter themed Minis to his Mums, and as Liberty is always getting little gifts. I thought it would be nice to start Noah off, with his own collection, but more on the dark side..LOL
But once I started packing that parcel I couldn't really leave little Liberty out or Mercedes. So they each had their own little box.
Now that parcel has been sitting for literally months waiting very patiently to be posted and it finally got posted last week. And to be totally truthful, I had completely forgotten what I'd put in there.
So Thank you Mercedes for taking some photographs and sharing them on your blog. If you'd like to see what was inside the presents and Liberty and Noah's reactions, please pop over to Mercedes blog for a look. If you click on Mercedes name it will take you over there.. By the way Mercedes I borrowed this picture from your blog as I didn't take any pictures... xxx

I'd also like to add that I haven't forgotten the other people out there that I have promised Minis too. I promise you will all get your bits eventually..


kimsminiatures said...

You are always such a sweet person. I saw the wonderful things you sent them. Hugs~ Kim

Liberty Biberty said...

Thank you so much Debbie! It was like mini Christmas opening those boxes! And you must have known that food was something that was needed in my dollhouses.
Ideas from the 'dark side' are beginning to!

Kathi said...

So sweet of you to remember Noah. I'm sure he will enjoy your gifts!
They are all precious!

rosanna said...

Debbie, you are a sweet sweet lady. Noah had such a smile opening his gifts ! and Liberty as well. Hugs to you all Rosanna

cockerina said...

Hello Debbie, I went to see how you are ....
okay?? I embrace you, have a good day! Caterina

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