Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Catch Up..

Been told off for not writing my blog! So here goes.. The boys broke up from school on Thursday last week. Ben flew up to Scotland on Friday to see Katie, he wanted to be with her on Valentines day. He will be back on Friday. Harry had his friend Connor over on Saturday for the afternoon and evening. Fitted new fuse box out in the garage for the boot room and new electrics for the out buildings, we don't have to have an extension lead trailing from the house now...
Been spending lots of time outside as the weather has been beautiful.
We've now started to take the steps out down the side of the kitchen, which have been causing a major problem with damp, the way they had been built meant that any rain we get & we get loads in Wales, runs down the steps but up against the side of the kitchen wall. Harry's proved to be a dab hand on the Kango and there nearly out now. We are going to rebuild them, but making sure the water runs away from the kitchen wall. The first two steps have been laid but Storm managed to get through the barricade and leave her footprint, sorted that out then the cat did the same. Whats not helped is the cement mixer decided mid mix to stop! Luckerley we think its just the switch to the motor cause if you hold the button down it works! We are going to start on the fields this afternoon, they need the scarifier run over them before we fertilize them.
Harry's friend Paul is coming over this afternoon and is staying the night, so that will keep Harry occupied.
My car is due is MOT tomorrow, so thats got to go in early, as they need to change a tyre before they do the MOT. I'll take some pictures of the steps or lack of steps later and upload them. I'm off now to move some horses about so we can get the fields done....

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