Thursday, 22 January 2015


    My Magnificent Merlin, my beautiful Bear, Newfoundland & Gentle Giant, left us today to run free at the Bridge and he has taken a piece of my Heart with him. 
From the moment we picked you up as a Puppy, we had a special bond, you were always my gentle bear. My protector who would always sit on my feet, right in front of me, when we met someone new, putting yourself between me and them. A babysitter for the other animals including the Ponies, we often wondered if you thought you were a Pony. The times you would steal our things, but never chew them, just hold them in your slobbery jaws. A lover of Children who you would let hug you tight and you'd never move, just drawl all over them. You'd make us laugh how you'd do that woof, throw yourself on the floor and roll over for your belly to be tickled or to be hoovered. Silly Bear. How if we throw a Snowball and it hit the floor, you would dig in the Snow to try and find it.How you used to shake your head and cover us and everything else in your slobber, that could travel at jet speed. Visitors were warned never to wear nice clothes when visiting, because they would always go home with some of the "Merlinators", slobber somewhere on their person.
It was an honour to have such a magnificent beastie in my life. How I will miss you slobber chops, until we meet again.
R.I.P Merlin aka The Merlinator (Mileoak De Villiers) 15th March 2005 ~ 22nd January 2015

Merlin looking over the stable door into the Kitchen.

Give me a Cuddle

Merlin & Katie

Merlin babysitting Moses
This leaf came home attached to the slobber

Merlin in his Paddling Pool
He grew into those Paws

Playing Peek A Boo over the Wall

Merlin carrying off Harry's Coat

Merlin with his Rugby Ball

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

House Elf ~ The Making of Dobby

 After I made the other Elves, one of my Friends asked me if I could make a Dobby. 
Well I thought I'd give it a go and these pictures showed how he evolved.
I just need to dress him in his Dirty Pillowcase and paint his eyes.
I'm really pleased how he has turned out so far.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Elves & Mice...

 I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2015.
Back in November of last year, I showed some little Bugs and Bees that I had been making. Well when I finished those, I thought I'd have a go at sculpting some Elf faces. As you all know I took hundreds of photographs, when I went on the Harry Potter Tour, so had lots of pictures for reference.
I haven't been able to sculpt for ages, due to the swelling in my hands, but now they have changed my medication, the swelling seems to have subsided in my hands, although my legs are another matter.
I started off with a little head, that had quite Elfin looking features, just so I could see if I had the proportions right. That head is in the top picture and is currently sitting in the Cabin waiting to be cooked.
The next head that appeared in the Clay was a sleeping Elf. He actually surprised me, when he appeared. I then went on to make a another Elf and a little Mouse. Most of which have now got bodies and have been baked. But I have absolutely no idea, how I am going to dress them or how, so will probably be doing loads of research on Pinterest. 
When I showed these on my Facebook one of my Friends, asked me to see if I could make my favourite Elf Dobby. Well I had a go and I'll show you the results in another post..

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