Monday, 29 March 2010

Some More Miniatures..

These are a few more Miniatures, that I unearthed over the weekend.
The Vicar I've had for years, I did at one time want a Church with a Wedding scene. I've got all the Dolls but not the Church to put them in.
A couple more 1:12Th Motor Bikes that belong to Mick.
A sweet little girl made by Judith Laird of Crumpled and Rumpled.
The last three pictures show some toys for my Toy Shop, aptly called Tiny Treasures..
Been reading through peoples reports on Miniaturia, sounds like every one had a really good time. Looking forward to seeing what our blog friends brought home with them.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Avon Resin Sets..

A few of you left comments about the Resin Set I showed you yesterday, that I brought from Avon Cosmetics.
I found the rest of them today and thought I'd show you them all together. If you click on the pictures they will pop up bigger.
They are 1:24th scale and very detailed for how small they are. The first picture shows the Victorian Conservatory set. Then there is the Victorian Attic set, unfortunately the bottom of the mannequin has broken, but nothing that a bit of glue won't fix. Next one up is the Victorian Nursery, the only thing that spoils this set, is the rug underneath the cot, it's too thick.
The next set is called the Victorian Boudoir and last is the Victorian Parlour which I showed yesterday.
I've had a quick look on the Internet to see if there is any more information on them, but only came up with a collectible site that deals in retired Avon products and some information that an American Ebay seller has put on their page. By what I can understand Avon also did a House that hung on the wall to put these pieces in, but I don't think it was available in the UK.

Friday, 26 March 2010

More & More Boxes..

Today another box was opened and inside was lots of boxes. Here are some pictures of some of the things I've found today. Most of which are my own collection.
The baby dolls were made for me by a lovely lady named Val. I used to sell these crawling babies, sleeping babies and Doll's.
The little Elves were made by Judith Laird of Crumpled and Rumpled and they are supposed to reside in the Tree House.
The Indian Squaw and Child, I brought at a Tom Bishop fair years ago. I have still to find the Stage Coach that I brought later.
The beautiful turnings were made by Ron, at the Dolls House Club that I used to attend.
The resin set of a Victorian Parlour was made by Avon the Cosmetics Company. I also have the other room sets in this series.
Then in the last few photographs is a large collection of Reutter Porcelain. Some of which I have doubles of, so I be selling off the doubles.
Also I'd like to wish all our friends who are exhibiting, or visiting Miniaturia this weekend, a safe journey and I hope you all have a wonderful time.. xxx

Yesterday's Stash..

Yesterday we brought in four stacking units from the Garage. The smaller blue one of the four, is full to the brim with scrapbook kits, papers and card. The next one is filled with Stamps, paints, scrapbook bits and pieces and loads of odds and ends. The last blue one is filled with miniature Teddy Bear Kits waiting to be sewn. Mohair and other teddy bear materials. Cotter pins, eyes etc.
The big black unit contains paints, varnishes, paint brushes and all manner of bits and pieces. These are all getting a really good sort out.
I did find in one of the drawers yesterday a Match Box, but its not a normal Matchbox. When you open it it contains a little Christmas scene.
I also found some tiny Knitted Toys.
As I said to Mick, I honestly believe the boxes have been breeding out there in the Garage, as I don't remember having all this stuff. There is loads more still to sort...

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Buckingham Palace..

Today, while I was sorting out some more boxes. I came across the photograph album of when I went to Buckingham Palace with my Mum, Dad & Ben in November 2000. My Mum was awarded the M.B.E in the New Years Honours List.
The inside of the Palace is totally amazing, but you are not allowed to take any pictures. Although we do have the video and official photographs taken by the Palace.
My Mum was suffering with Cancer at the time and under that Suit, she had a pouch with her Chemotherapy medicine being pumped in via a Hickman line. But you'd have never known. She looked absolutely beautiful.
As a surprise my Dad hired the Chauffeur and Bentley from Claridge's. The Chauffeur picked us up from my Parent's House and took us to the Palace. After the Investiture, we then went onto Claridge's in Mayfair for a meal and then we were taken home again.
It was wonderful and I have fantastic memories of that day.
Unfortunately, my Mum lost her battle in 2001 age 57 and my Dad age 62 followed her in 2003.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Miniature Kits and Models

Lots more boxes have been moved and are currently being sorted.
One of the boxes that I opened today, contained Mick's 1:12th Scale Miniature Motor bikes. Mick was going to build himself a Motorbike Garage and Forecourt. Not that he's ever got round to making it!. I've packed them away in one of the cupboards, until he decides what he wants to do with them.
I also found loads of kits that need making or finishing. A few of them are miniature flower kits, which will definitely come in handy if I build a garden around Coggleshall Cottage.

On the home front, we took a trip up to Aberystwyth yesterday, has Ben had booked his theory driving test, which I'm pleased to say he passed. He now needs a few more driving lessons before he takes his driving test. Then he can start driving his own car and we won't have to be taxi drivers any more.
I had a trip to the Doctor's today for blood tests. Thankfully the Lady that takes the blood knows how bad I am with needles and said that she wouldn't be messing about. She had one go and managed to get the blood to flow. I was so relieved I cried!...

Welcome... Over 400 Now

Since Saturday I've had a few new followers join the ranks. So a very big welcome to you all.
They are:-
Morktar Alafosca who has five blogs one of which is called Altafulla Miniatures. She has only just started this blog.
Sanschichis who's blog is called Jyfoutoutemptit, lots of minis on there.
Marie who I can't find a blog for.
My Realitty who's blog is called My Realitty. This is filled with minis.
RiS who's only just started her blog called RiS' Toybox.
Monique Lemieux who's blog is called Coeur De Cerise. Monique is a Doll Maker.
Theresa who's blog is called Created By Theresa.
Alienory who's blog is called Lalki i mniatury Alienory. Some lovely minis on here.
Star who has two blogs, Beyond Wonderland and Homemade By Villa Solheia.
Machegioi who I can't find a blog for but have found a link to a Hobby and Recreational Site in Italy, called Made By Joy. Rosanna can you help me out here? Is this the person's site?
Lisette who has two blogs Oefenen en leren and Lisette's Miniaturen. Lisette has created some beautiful miniatures on this blog.
Susanne who again I can't find a blog for. Susanne if you have a blog please let me know and I'll add your link.
Rose Farnsworth Davis who has two blogs, Rose Farnsworth Davis where Rose introduces us to Mrs.T.Bagg and Mrs.T.Bagg Theater.
Debra Cripps who's blog is called Loyalist Cottage. A beautiful Blog Debra thanks for contacting me with your link.
Sprinces who's blog is called Sprinces Dreamweaver Sculpts and Blackberry Patch Gifts.
The Visionary Butterfly who's blog is called Visionary In Miniature.
And last but not least is Natalia, who's blog is called Scarlet Sails Miniatures.

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As always please go over and say Hi..
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